Information Requested: How to Purchase My Book and/or Hire Me!!

**look it’s me with semi-straight hair. I’m also rocking Whovian goodness on my shirt. Tai for the win!!!**

Happy Monday!

A few people have reached out to me and asked about purchasing my poetry book, Amour Rising, so I am reposting the Amazon link. 

For my new followers, my poetry book was released last year and includes poems from various viewpoints of the African American experience. But the themes of love, spirituality, and sacrifice are universal. Pick up a hard copy or a Kindle one here:

Also, if you are interested in using my wonderful freelance services, then I am available for hire! I do lots of creative writing, but I have also interviewed celebrity figures and done “newsy” articles. In other words, I can be serious if needed (although it’s more fun to be silly)

Email me at writertaigooden at gmail dot com and let’s talk business!! 

A Word About the Charleston Shooting

As we are all aware, a terrible tragedy happened at Emmanuel AME, a historical Black church in Charleston, SC. Nine people lost their lives to a cold, calculating domestic terrorist whose name doesn’t even matter to me. These people were worshipping and minding their own business when they were brutally gunned down.

For many Black people, the church is a sacred, safe space where they can be free. This coward violated a special place with his intense hatred toward Black people. The media can spin the story around and make him out to be a “troubled soul” and a “good guy gone wrong,” but let’s be 100% real. If he was Muslim, he would be called a terrorist. If he was Black, he would be called a thug. But he’s not…so he was peacefully arrested in North Carolina (my home state) this morning.

For the Black people who still believe that we will stop being murdered if we act like “respectable Negroes,” this incident proves that your educational background, salary, job title, and nice home in the ‘burbs do not make you immune to race-incited violence. This is a problem that stems from a system that allows cowards to murder Black people and get away with it because our lives don’t matter. Say what you want but there is a clear problem in America and it’s getting worse…

For White people who think White privilege doesn’t exist, how can a man who murdered 9 people be arrested and alive while Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and other Black men are gunned down when they are unarmed and have not killed a soul. And while Black victims of violence suffer from post-mitten character assassination, White perpetrators are humanized and their irrational actions are somehow “rationalized.” 

I couldn’t go one day without expressing my thoughts. I try to keep the happy going on my blog, but today I’m weary…

-Tai Gooden

My Q&A With ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star Dascha Polanco

Happy Sunday!

Last week, I had an opportunity to interview Dascha Polanco (aka Daya from Orange Is The New Black) and it was an incredible experience. Dascha was very upfront and full of life…her personality is incredible!!!

She answered most of my questions, but Ms. Polanco also poured positivity and life into me. I’m so grateful and inspired by her kind words. Dascha was a regular working woman with a dream: acting. People told her she had two kids and a full time job so it was too late for her dreams. But she had a vision and she changed her life.

She also said this to me about my freelance writing:

“You got this…you were born to do it! You will go far, I can feel it. You gotta feel it too!”

Check out my Q&A with her on Paper Magazine’s website here!

-Tai Gooden

Doctor Who and Theism: My Observations on The Mary Sue

Hi Everyone!

As you all know, I love Doctor Who! Today, my article for The Mary Sue posted and it’s pretty awesome! The relationship with the show and theism is a hot debate among fans. I made a few comparisons to prevalent concepts in theism and showed how they are used in the show to make it incredible!

Of course, these concepts are not exclusive to theism, but they are strongly associated with religion. 

Soooo check it out here!!!

-Tai Gooden

A Word About My Article For The Guardian

Hi everyone!

I have been laying low lately, but it’s due to all the freelance work coming my way. I am certainly not complaining, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss posting inspirational messages here!

Last week, I had an article post for The Guardian about a few people who have combined their love for all things geek/nerd and their talents to be profitable. While most people thought the article was interesting, there were a few people who took it the wrong way. I believe the title was a large part of the sensationalism, but the title was of course edited to increase page clicks. The rest of the words were mine and mine alone and I believe I did a good job explaining why the people in the article could inspire others. I am going to re-post my message on Facebook about the negative comments here, but first take a read of my article.

“For some reason we have been conditioned to think that if we want to make a profit (however big/small) from using our creative talents that it makes us less authentic. No. If you can combine your talent with something you are passionate about AND make a little cash then why not? We all have a living to make and multiple steams of income is the way to go.” – My Facebook fan page

I am a person who loves Doctor Who. I am also a writer. What better way to make a living than writing about my favorite sci-fi show and getting paid to do it?!?! I don’t believe it makes me a fake fan. There are enough conditions and parameters placed on us in the “regular” why do some people (like myself) feel they need to prove their fan loyalty? It’s crazy to me…but carry on…

Have a great week!!

-Tai Gooden

Happy Mother’s Day! 


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Remember, our job is hard and the world scrutinizes our every decision. We are under pressure to wear so many hats and excel at everything we do. We need each other’s support and kindness.

Let’s stop all the negativity between us. Working moms are not better moms than stay-at-home moms. A stay-at-home mom doesn’t necessarily produce better kids. Breast feeding moms love their kids and so do formula feeding moms. A mom of an only child is not selfish because she doesn’t want more kids. A mom of 13 isn’t crazy or weird because she loves her large family. And what is right for your kid may not fit another kid. Motherhood is not a competitive sport. We are all trying to do our best and making family decisions that are right for our own family!

More love, less judgement! You never know another person’s struggle! 

-Tai Gooden