I’m Back and I’m Gonna Do Better In 2017

Heeyyy! It has been a really long time. Like months. I feel ashamed but my life went completely sideways (in the best way) after ReGeneration Who last year.

I traveled to Las Vegas, San Diego, and even took a trip down to ATL to do press at DragonCon as a part of the Black Girl Nerds group. I had the BEST time at DragonCon and I enjoyed cosplaying as Martha Jones.

I wrote lots of articles with The Frisky (a regular contributor job that unexpectedly ended recently…beyond my control) and other websites (check out this Sense8 article with Vice) and took lots of time off to spend time with my family. I cried a lot, took pictures, maintained my awful sleep habits, and had an overall great year on a micro level.

Now, I’m back and hoping to pay more attention to my website in 2017.

This year, I will be a quarterly contributor for The Learned Fangirl! I can’t wait to bring you some in-depth articles about Doctor Who and Black women in sci-fi! And, I am working on securing a few press passes for some great geek cons this year!

I also want to spend more time here. I hope to post more of my thoughts on current world situations, links to my articles, and some pretty cool pics from this year’s travels. Right now, I’m heading to Tampa, LA, ATL, and back to Denver again, but who knows where I will end up over the next few months?!?!

I hope you all have been doing well and I’m wishing you a happy, healthy 2017.


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