2015 Year In Review!

Today is the LAST day of 2015!! Oh my goodness…time surely flies when you are having an excellent time.

Last year, I named a few goals on my blog. These are the things I wanted to accomplish in 2015:

  • Take a “mental health day” once a month
  • Write for my dream publication (won’t share it here because I am a chicken lol)
  • Expand the list of publications I pitch to each week
  • Complete the 52 week money saving challenge

I am proud to say that I accomplished everything I had on this list!! My dream publication was The Guardian and I wrote my first piece for them in February 2015. Check it out here.

It caught on in the Whovian community like wildfire and I soon found myself being offered press gigs, writing opportunities, and so much more. I had a blast doing press at events like (Re)Generation Who and InterventionCon and I met so many interesting, inspiring people along the way. I wrote yet another piece for The Guardian based on my press experiences and the connections I made on Twitter. Yes, social media can be a vile place, but sometimes it functions the way I believe it was meant to work 🙂

I did everything from interview Dascha Polanco from OITNB to a profile of how Twitter Blerds are changing the face of TV. I wrote about UK refugees who process their emotional pain through song, a dress-wearing tortoise who brings joy to sick children, and if we can really trust anyone on How to Get Away with Murder.

I had the chance to ponder the theist themes in Doctor Who and to help boost the signal on webcomics we should be reading. I traveled to Denver, CO and San Diego, CA for the first time and ate delicious foods at every stop along the way. I stayed up until 2AM (only to get back up at 6AM to work), cried about my missteps, and celebrated my youngest daughter’s 1st birthday.

I participated in my first convention panel AND podcast, lost a few friends, and gained a sense of purpose. I truly LIVED in 2015!

Now, 2016 is on the horizon. It’s the year I have been waiting for: my year of transition and completion. The year I want to start an organization that will impact other women and girls. The year I want to see my name in print magazines. The year I want to start a podcast and let underrepresented voices provide a needed perspective in geek culture. And the year I want to be like Shonda Rhimes and say YES to the things that scare me (like writing a novel)!!

I want to thank every publication and editor I have worked with this year. All of you have taught me valuable lessons and helped me continue to grow as a writer. Thanks to God, my family, my “tribe,” Jamie Broadnax from BlackGirlNerds, Lindsey from CSO podcast, and ALL of my Twitter fam: y’all keep me uplifted and wrap me in love when I need a boost. I appreciate everything and I take NOTHING for granted.

Hello 2016…I’m ready for you!!

-Tai Gooden



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