My Latest, Greatest Hits on the Web and NEKOCON!!!

Happy Fall y’all! I’m a terrible blog owner!

But….it’s because I have been so darn busy. I have had a couple of really cool pieces hit the web. Check out a sample of what I have been up to lately:

*Geek and Sundry: The Webcomics That Are Changing the World

*HelloGiggles: Shondaland is BACK! Here’s Everything That Happened Last Season and What’s Next

I also had my first piece post on Upworthy! For those who aren’t familiar with the website, they post all things positive going on around the world. Of course, as soon as I found out they had a freelance writer’s program, I immediately made it my business to get an article on their page. I wanted to find something that met all of their criteria for an excellent story: surprising, meaningful, visual, and shareable.

I tried a couple of ideas and got hit with REJECTION. Ouch. But, I finally found THE story that I knew would be a home run. While scouring the web, I found an interesting article about a group called Stone Flowers. Based in London, the group is comprised of refugees from all around the world. These people have suffered unimaginable pain and persecution, yet they found their way to this unique music therapy group. They write songs about their experiences and record them in their native language!

Check out this special story here and share it with all of your friends. I don’t know about you, but I love a powerful story!

Next up….a pretty cool piece I recently wrapped up for Paste Magazine! ANDDD…..

I’m going to be a PANELIST AT NEKOCON!! Nekocon is an anime convention that takes place in Hampton, VA. The talented and fabulous Jamie Broadnax from BlackGirlNerds has invited me to come out and do a panel with her about social media. So, if you are in or near the area, come check me out!!! I’ll be the Black chick with the Afro rocking something Doctor Who-ish (yes, even at an anime con).

And remember…I am a freelance writer FOR HIRE. So, for any serious inquiries, HIT ME UP and let’s talk bidness 🙂

-Tai Gooden

Finding the Lessons in Frustrating Moments

The past couple of weeks have been frustrating. Last week, the area I live in experienced about 7 inches of snow. To my lovely Northern folks, this amount is a joke. But, for a Southern city, it quickly turns into a headache, especially if you have children. As you all know, I have a job outside of my freelance career in an industry that RARELY shuts its doors. Both of my girls’ schools closed for the ENTIRE week and I was irritated as I scrambled to find childcare and avoid burning unnecessary vacation time. Oh, the joys of not having a wide selection of trusted family/friends around for these crazy situations!

But, as I sat at my freelance workstation and watched my kids play and giggle, I thought about how things will be different when I make my transition to freelance writing. I decided to channel my frustration with juggling motherhood and work as motivation to keep striving toward my freelance writing goals. I also decided to take the opportunity to take a step back from my busy life with two careers and simply enjoy the unexpected time with my kids.

We all face unexpected bumps in the road. Frustrating events blindside us and we find ourselves groaning and complaining over something we cannot control. Instead of allowing our frustration to control us, we need to take a step back from the situation and find purpose in the moment. When we make a conscious effort to channel our energy toward our purpose, we will be happier and more productive.

Don’t let the storms rattle you! Stay strong and take it as a sign from the universe to grind harder 🙂

If you are having problems staying motivated, then check out  my article about ways to stay motivated EVERY DAY!

-Tai Gooden


When Your Tank is Nearly Empty

Life pushes and pulls us in a multitude of directions. We spend so much time working and trying to make a living that we often forget to truly live our lives. Our hobbies and dreams take a back seat to chasing the almighty dollar. And, by the time we are done with a workday, our tank is nearly empty. How do I know? Because I am running on fumes at this very moment.

I want to encourage you (and myself) to push yourself. If you want to get out of that cubicle and pursue your music career, you can’t do it if you throw in the towel every night. Don’t you think your ultimate reward is worth some temporary sacrifice? 

If you want something, you will force time for it in your life. Wake up an hour earlier or stay up a little later and plug away at your goals! If you don’t, then you are not entitled to complain when your life is still in the same space 10 years from now!

So stay encouraged. Work a little harder. Dream big. Find a support system. Post motivational messages all around you. And never, ever lose sight of your goals!

You got this!

-Tai Gooden 

Celebrate the Small Victories

Happy Sunday!

April has been a phenomenal month! I started working with a great writing coach, I have written a couple of solid pitches to publications, I finally have a website to truly call my own, and I am thisclose to having my first poetry book published. Later this week, I will have Amour Rising on the market and I will be a self-published poet!!! In my personal life, my 6 week old daughter is doing great and my family is happy and relatively healthy (even though I have an annoying sinus infection).

So today, I want to you to join me and take a few moments to celebrate our accomplishments and victories. Initially, you may not feel like you are making any progress toward your goals and dreams, but if you really think about it, I am sure you have done something toward your ultimate goal. Maybe you researched guitar lessons in your area or you went to the gym once this week. If so, then give yourself some credit!

We get so caught up with the idea of what we ultimately want that we feel like our day to day work is not important. Remember, to get to the top of the staircase, we have to actually take the steps. 

Enjoy the process and live in the moment. Your journey may not progress the way you envisioned, but it is worth the ride!!

-With Love,

Tai’sha C. Gooden