Podcast Dreamin’ and Stranger Things 


I was a Doctor Who podcast guest earlier this week and I had a blast! I’ve had the honor of doing several guest spots on incredible podcasts and I have been thinking about starting my own. I love a ton of pop culture things and I want to do something lighthearted and fun with an analytical slant. Right now, I know my life is too out of sorts to pursue this dream but I hope to join the podcast arena as a host one day. 

And holy moly Stranger Things is back TODAY! I enjoyed the first season immensely and I cannot wait to see my sons and daughter again lol. For those who aren’t familiar, Stranger Things is a Netflix series that focuses on a group of pre-teen boys in 1983 who find out that their small Indiana town has a sinister side. They meet a young telepathic girl named Eleven who helps them solve the mystery of their missing friend. It’s 80s movie homages galore and features several storylines which all come together beautifully in the end. I thought season one wrapped up wonderfully but I think the show left a few questions open for a second season 😊

I binged the first season over a 24 hour time span but I’m not doing it this time. Not because I don’t want to but because I’ve been super busy lately. Adulting sucks. 

-Tai Gooden 


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