When Your Tank is Nearly Empty

Life pushes and pulls us in a multitude of directions. We spend so much time working and trying to make a living that we often forget to truly live our lives. Our hobbies and dreams take a back seat to chasing the almighty dollar. And, by the time we are done with a workday, our tank is nearly empty. How do I know? Because I am running on fumes at this very moment.

I want to encourage you (and myself) to push yourself. If you want to get out of that cubicle and pursue your music career, you can’t do it if you throw in the towel every night. Don’t you think your ultimate reward is worth some temporary sacrifice? 

If you want something, you will force time for it in your life. Wake up an hour earlier or stay up a little later and plug away at your goals! If you don’t, then you are not entitled to complain when your life is still in the same space 10 years from now!

So stay encouraged. Work a little harder. Dream big. Find a support system. Post motivational messages all around you. And never, ever lose sight of your goals!

You got this!

-Tai Gooden 


3 thoughts on “When Your Tank is Nearly Empty

  1. Gloria says:

    I agree. It doesn’t cost a thing to put some thought and effort into being a better you. I’m encouraged. Thank you!

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