3 Things I Hate About Being a Grown Up

When I dreamed of being a grown up in middle school, I pictured having a ton of fun with no one to tell me what to do. Now, as a grown woman, people are still telling me what to do and after I do everything I need to do, there is not much time for fun left.

Here are 3 Things I Hate About Being a Grown Up:

1) Bills, Bills, Bills – Paying bills is the worst thing about being an adult. When I was 16, I landed my first job. All I had to do was pay my prepaid cell phone bill, put a little gas in my car, and enjoy the rest. Now, when I work, my money goes toward daycare, my cell phone, gas, and a multitude of other bills.  But hey, I was in a rush to be an adult, right??

2) Working A Lot – Don’t get me wrong. I have an awesome job outside of freelance writing and blogging. But, do I really need to spend 40+ hours a week there? I want more time with my family and friends!!

3) All This Planning Crap – I now have to worry about 401ks, retirement planning, saving for crap, insurance, and everything else that didn’t concern me 10 years ago. 

I’m sure there are other things I hate about being a grown woman, but I don’t want to make you depressed! Of course, I am glad to be alive and fortunate to have all the things I do have, but sometimes I want to have a good ole rant session. 

Ranting done.

-T. Amour 


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