Poetry: Taken and Single (from my poetry book Amour Rising)

Happy Thursday!

Since it is still National Poetry Month and I am celebrating the success of my new poetry book Amour Rising, I would like to share a poem from my book with you.

If you would like to read more poetry from me, check out my poem Soul Cord on ForHarriet.com HERE or order a copy of my new book on Amazon (click here)!

Taken and Single

We occupy the same space
Yet we’re two separate books
on the same bookshelf.

You flow upstream
I am a downbeat
Passing cars on
a two way street.

I lie beside you and
bury my face
in my pillow to smother
my cries.

No cooperation
Taken and single…
No meaningful words
over the dinner table
Stepping to the beat
of a daily routine…

Too jaded to ask for justice
Too dedicated to pursue distractions
So I wash the dishes
Shower bed, and
set my internal replay button
for tomorrow

With Love,

Tai Gooden


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