Celebrate the Small Victories

Happy Sunday!

April has been a phenomenal month! I started working with a great writing coach, I have written a couple of solid pitches to publications, I finally have a website to truly call my own, and I am thisclose to having my first poetry book published. Later this week, I will have Amour Rising on the market and I will be a self-published poet!!! In my personal life, my 6 week old daughter is doing great and my family is happy and relatively healthy (even though I have an annoying sinus infection).

So today, I want to you to join me and take a few moments to celebrate our accomplishments and victories. Initially, you may not feel like you are making any progress toward your goals and dreams, but if you really think about it, I am sure you have done something toward your ultimate goal. Maybe you researched guitar lessons in your area or you went to the gym once this week. If so, then give yourself some credit!

We get so caught up with the idea of what we ultimately want that we feel like our day to day work is not important. Remember, to get to the top of the staircase, we have to actually take the steps. 

Enjoy the process and live in the moment. Your journey may not progress the way you envisioned, but it is worth the ride!!

-With Love,

Tai’sha C. Gooden 



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