Put Some ACTION Behind Your Aspirations!

2014 has truly been my year of changes. I have had a baby, purchased a home, and watched my writing career begin to take flight. I have opened up about my suicide experience on xojane and for HuffPost Live. And, I accomplished my lifelong goal of publishing a book of poetry. Needless to say, my life will never be the same again!

Change is uncomfortable. Change is difficult. But, since I wanted something different for my life, change was completely unavoidable.

Do you want to transition to the next level in your life? Then, DO SOMETHING. Yes, planning is great, but when will you put some action behind your aspirations?

I never thought I would see my name on a HuffPost site. But it is there! And, it didn’t get there from operating out of fear or being complacent.

Perhaps you are feeling unmotivated? If so, check out my 5 Tips for Daily Motivation:

And, don’t give up!

With Love,

Tai Gooden


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