Confession: I Am A Black Girl Whovian

If I could summarize today in one word, that world would be FANTASTIC. Like other fans of the wildly successful British sci-fi show Doctor Who, I am estatic about tonight’s premiere of Season 8. For those who don’t know, The Doctor is a time-traveling, human-looking alien who flies through space in his TARDIS (a spaceship that resembles a 1950s British police box and is famously bigger on the inside). He saves planets, turns ordinary humans into superheroes, and even cheats death through changing his face/body in a process called regeneration. Confused yet? I am sure you are!

I became hooked on this show a few years ago and I have watched every episode since it returned to television in 2005. I have also enjoyed learning the history of Who via the Classic Series (1963-1989) on Netflix. I have a Sonic screwdriver, shirts, and the Whovian Prayer is at my desk. I even refer to myself as a full-time Whovian in my author bios. You might say I am a LITTLE obsessed with the Gallifreyan Time Lord and his faithful companions.

So, here it is: I Am A Black Girl Whovian. I love fezzes, bowties, and saying Allon-sy. I want to EXTERMINATE my enemies and I get giddy when I hear the groaning of the TARDIS. And The Doctor is my hero.

-Tai Gooden




5 thoughts on “Confession: I Am A Black Girl Whovian

  1. broketraveluster says:

    Ahhh I love it go ahead [♡.♡] I was thinking of doing a similar post about being a black whovian * inserts a pic of me standing outside the tardis at comic on aha
    So awesome who is your fav doctor ?

    • writertaigooden says:

      Thanks! I just came back from a Doctor Who conference and it was awesome! Hmmmm….it’s hard to choose a favorite Doctor because I love different things about each one. But I do have an affinity for 10 and 4 🙂

      • broketraveluster says:

        Was that conference in Maryland or Washington I’m from the philly area and I I ran into a whovian who told me about that ! Yeah I know it is hard to chose hehe ^^ I am re watching 9 & 10. I never noticed how like new looking the 11th doctors season looked missing my ‘older’ doctors

      • writertaigooden says:

        Yes it was! I had a great time…just posted an article I wrote for Paste Magazine! I miss the feel of the show when it first came back. It feels kinda “commercial” sometimes with the new effects

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