Support During Success: What to Keep in Mind

When you announce a lofty goal or exciting news, you get lots of likes, comments, retweets, and congratulatory texts. All the love makes you feel special. Now fast forward a bit. You finally release your song, write your book, or land a great job. You decide to have a book signing or an album release party and you send out all your invitations. This is going to be awesome!

And you wait. The people you thought would have your back are not showing up, not replying to your invitations, and leaving a bad taste in your mouth. The random friends you have made on Twitter are RSVPed and ready to go! What the hell is going on?!?!

Before you start a personal pity party, keep two things in mind. First, give your loved ones a chance. Yes, it is possible that they are simply haters, but there could be financial, time, or other issues going that you don’t know about. As you grow in your craft and there are more opportunities for support, you will begin to see who really has your back and who has a bunch of lame excuses. Maybe your sweet old Grandma Susan doesn’t want to come to the club to see your grunge band. You don’t like everything they do, so they may not like everything you do.

Second, be thankful for the surprising support from people you don’t know as well. When acquaintances support your success, its because they are truly invested in your craft, not because you are “Jane’s son”. 

Enjoy the support you have and don’t worry about the source! 




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