Information Requested: How to Purchase My Book and/or Hire Me!!

**look it’s me with semi-straight hair. I’m also rocking Whovian goodness on my shirt. Tai for the win!!!**

Happy Monday!

A few people have reached out to me and asked about purchasing my poetry book, Amour Rising, so I am reposting the Amazon link. 

For my new followers, my poetry book was released last year and includes poems from various viewpoints of the African American experience. But the themes of love, spirituality, and sacrifice are universal. Pick up a hard copy or a Kindle one here:

Also, if you are interested in using my wonderful freelance services, then I am available for hire! I do lots of creative writing, but I have also interviewed celebrity figures and done “newsy” articles. In other words, I can be serious if needed (although it’s more fun to be silly)

Email me at writertaigooden at gmail dot com and let’s talk business!! 


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