My Q&A With ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star Dascha Polanco

Happy Sunday!

Last week, I had an opportunity to interview Dascha Polanco (aka Daya from Orange Is The New Black) and it was an incredible experience. Dascha was very upfront and full of life…her personality is incredible!!!

She answered most of my questions, but Ms. Polanco also poured positivity and life into me. I’m so grateful and inspired by her kind words. Dascha was a regular working woman with a dream: acting. People told her she had two kids and a full time job so it was too late for her dreams. But she had a vision and she changed her life.

She also said this to me about my freelance writing:

“You got this…you were born to do it! You will go far, I can feel it. You gotta feel it too!”

Check out my Q&A with her on Paper Magazine’s website here!

-Tai Gooden


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