A Word About My Article For The Guardian

Hi everyone!

I have been laying low lately, but it’s due to all the freelance work coming my way. I am certainly not complaining, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss posting inspirational messages here!

Last week, I had an article post for The Guardian about a few people who have combined their love for all things geek/nerd and their talents to be profitable. While most people thought the article was interesting, there were a few people who took it the wrong way. I believe the title was a large part of the sensationalism, but the title was of course edited to increase page clicks. The rest of the words were mine and mine alone and I believe I did a good job explaining why the people in the article could inspire others. I am going to re-post my message on Facebook about the negative comments here, but first take a read of my article.

“For some reason we have been conditioned to think that if we want to make a profit (however big/small) from using our creative talents that it makes us less authentic. No. If you can combine your talent with something you are passionate about AND make a little cash then why not? We all have a living to make and multiple steams of income is the way to go.” – My Facebook fan page

I am a person who loves Doctor Who. I am also a writer. What better way to make a living than writing about my favorite sci-fi show and getting paid to do it?!?! I don’t believe it makes me a fake fan. There are enough conditions and parameters placed on us in the “regular” world..so why do some people (like myself) feel they need to prove their fan loyalty? It’s crazy to me…but carry on…

Have a great week!!

-Tai Gooden


2 thoughts on “A Word About My Article For The Guardian

  1. Connie says:

    Part of the reason I want to be a TV writer/TV criticism freelancer (or something along those lines), is so I can get paid to do what I love, which is watch TV. Doesn’t make a sports enthusiast less of a fan when he/she goes pro… You should be able to get paid to do/talk about/write about the things you love… Isn’t that basically the dream????

    • writertaigooden says:

      Exactly!! I think people were reaching for a reason to complain. Some people are unhappy with their lives and career choices so they want to shame people who make a living doing something they love!

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