Freeing My Mind – The Toxic Thoughts From My Childhood

Dark Skin Red Lip

This weekend, I spent some time reflecting on my growth as a person. And, as I looked back at my painful past, I came to a simple yet powerful conclusion. I am solely responsible for freeing my mind from the toxic thought processes that were embedded into me during my childhood.

Yes, I learned a world of good things. However, as a Black girl from a small town in NC, I was also exposed to my fair share of colorism, misogyny, and prejudice. The lessons were often subtle comments about my close cousin being lucky to have “all that good hair” or how I needed to learn how to cook and clean so a man would “choose” me one day. And, as a little girl, I did what any other child does: absorb the information and store it in my memory box.

But, years later, I don’t have to let those narrow-minded comments keep me hostage. Because guess what? I won’t wake up and look like another woman tomorrow. I am who I am and its pretty damn dope to be an original person. I’m rocking my Afro, red lipstick, and fine brown skin with all the confidence in the world. And those toxic thoughts that others imposed on my as a kid are worthless in 2014.

It is a daily reversal process, but I am down for the challenge!

What about you? Are you ready to let go of those painful memories and lifeless words that have plagued you?



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